Our sustainability work

For us at Aurdel, safety, quality and sustainability are top priorities. As a customer, you should always be able to feel secure that a product from us is manufactured with consideration for the environment, climate, and human rights.

We work to integrate and improve relevant sustainability aspects in our products and processes. Our sustainability work is based on the UN Global Compact’s ten principles and the 17 global sustainability goals.

Our own brands

Sustainable packaging – "no plastic" and FSC material

We are working on redesigning our packaging so that it will be more sustainable from several perspectives.

We continuously develop our packaging and try to minimize the amount of material. We also aim for all packaging material to be FSC-labelled, which encourages an environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable use of the world's forests.

Sustainable manufacturing

We are highly commited in working with quality and sustainability in our supply chain, which is largely located in China. With an updated strategy, we are reducing the number of suppliers while increasing control and dialogue with the suppliers we chose to keep. To ensure that our suppliers comply with our code of conduct, they are reviewed and checked on an ongoing basis partly by our own staff in China, but also by third-party auditors.

Read more about our code of conduct for suppliers and our various policy documents here.

Transport – smart logistics

The type of transport we use affects the environment and climate. So does the design of our packaging, which we try to make as logistically smart as possible so that we don't ship "air" unnecessarily.

Most of our products are manufactured in Asia and we always try to carefully plan and choose environmentally sustainable transport and freight. In practice, this means shipping by either train or ship. Sometimes we have been forced to use air freight – but since 2018 we have nearly halved the amount of air freight. When it comes to transport to and from our warehouses, we solely collaborate with suppliers who have ambitious climate and sustainability goals.