Sales terms

Aurdel's terms and conditions of sale 

Sales terms and conditions - valid from March 31st 2023

1.         In general

These terms and conditions (the "Terms") apply to all sales by Aurdel Sweden AB, hereinafter referred to as "Aurdel", to its customers, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", (collectively referred to as "the Parties" and separately as the "Party") unless otherwise agreed in writing. 

Aurdel's Customers consist of its resellers, who sell/resell Aurdel's products to the end customers. There is an annual minimum level for purchases of SEK 7,000. The minimum level is calculated per calendar year. Aurdel reserves the right to close the accounts of Customers who do not meet the minimum level for purchases.  

2.         Sales terms and conditions 

2.1            Prices

All prices are stated in SEK excluding VAT and shipping with the delivery terms Delivered at Place (DAP).  Current prices are available in our online store, at ("Website"). Taxes and charges, such as Chemicals Tax and CopySwede, are recognised separately.  Aurdel reserves the right to change prices up to the time of delivery in the event of price changes by our suppliers, a change in exchange rates, or other events outside Aurdel's influence or control. 

2.2           Payment terms and conditions 

Customers with approved credit (which can be obtained after providing credit information) have the option of trading against an invoice, with a payment period of 30 days. The invoice is delivered free of charge in pdf format by email. If you require a paper invoice that is sent by post, an invoicing fee of SEK 45 will be charged.  

Interest on arrears is charged, after the invoice due date, with the Riksbank's reference interest rate plus 8% and a reminder fee of SEK 60. 

Customers who do not have credit or whose credit limit has been exceeded have the option of paying in advance via a payment link.  

2.3           Shipping prices

Order value less than SEK 5,000 (excluding VAT and other charges) 
Delivery by Bring: SEK 130  
Order value over SEK 5,000 (excluding VAT and other charges) 
Free delivery.  

In the case of larger orders sent on pallets, Aurdel reserves the right to charge a fee of SEK 500 per pallet (max. fee of SEK 1,500 regardless of the number of pallets). This also applies if an individual package exceeds 35 kg or has a dimension of more than 150 cm. 

The above shipping prices apply to domestic deliveries. For international deliveries, please contact customer service to get price information. Customer service can be reached using the following contact information:  

Tel: 08-55576210 

2.4           Shipping charges

In the case of orders under SEK 500 (excluding VAT, shipping and other charges), a handling fee of SEK 80 will be added. 

2.5           Product information on the website

Aurdel reserves the right to make image and writing errors on the website. Aurdel has the right to correct any errors, and to update or change the information on the website. If an incorrect price has been stated for an item that the Customer has ordered, the Customer will be notified, and Aurdel will await the Customer's approval of the changed price before the Customer's order is dispatched.

Images and other information on the website shall be considered as illustrations only, and Aurdel does not guarantee that the images reflect the exact appearance or functions of the goods.  Some colour differences may occur depending on the resolution, photo quality and monitor.

2.6           Cancellation of orders 

It is possible to cancel an order up until it has been picked in the warehouse. If the Customer wishes to cancel the order after this timepoint, the Customer must submit a  return form (see below under section 4.4 Incorrect order).  

2.7           Account information

If the Customer logs in via the website, the Customer is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of its account and password and ,  to the extent permitted by applicable law, the Customer agrees to assume responsibility for all activities that take place via the Customer's account. The customer must take all necessary measures to ensure that the password is kept secret and secure. The Customer must inform Aurdel immediately if the Customer has reason to suspect that someone else has become aware of the password or the password has been used, or is likely to be used, in an unauthorized manner. 

2.8           Reservation of ownership

Aurdel reserves the right to reclaim sold products, which must be kept separate from the Customer's own goods and clearly marked as Aurdel's products, until the Customer has fulfilled all payment obligations in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. 

3.         Delivery terms and conditions 

3.1           Reservation of ownership

Deliveries within Sweden shall be done through Bring. 

Orders placed before   2:00 p.m.  on weekdays  are generally dispatched on the same day from Aurdel's warehouse.

In the case of uncollected orders that are returned to Aurdel, Aurdel reserves the right to charge a fee of 10% of the value; at least SEK 250 however. 

3.2           Backorders

The customer can place an order for products that are temporarily out of stock ("backorders"), with the exception of what is stated below.   

However, Aurdel reserves the right to refuse backorders from the Customer. This may, for example, be in relation to products for which the supply and price levels vary greatly.  

Customers who shop using advance payment or who pay by online payment (advance payment) may not place a backorder with Aurdel.

3.3           Transport damage

Upon receipt, the recipient must check the goods and confirm that the number of packages corresponds to the consignment note. Visible transport damage to the goods must be reported immediately by the recipient to the shipment carrier directly when receiving the delivery. In order for a complaint regarding transport damage to be valid, any shipping deviations must be noted on the shipping document and acknowledged by the driver. Damage needs to be reported to Aurdel Customer Service within three (3) working days. 

4.         Returns

4.1           In general

All returned products must be provided with an RMA number, which the Customer shall request when in logged-in mode on the Website. The return number is valid for up to 30 days after being issued.

Goods returned to Aurdel unmarked, without a valid RMA number, or that do not match the RMA number will be returned unexecuted to the sender. Return shipping is charged to the sender.

To avoid transport damage, use the original packaging, or freight packaging approved by the carrier. Transport damage caused by defective packaging is not covered by Aurdel's guarantee obligations; see section 4.3 for further information. 

4.2           DOA

Dead on Arrival ("DOA") means that the product does not work when unpacked. DOAs must be reported within five (5) working days from the date of delivery to the customer via an RMA application, which can be done on the website. Aurdel reserves the right to not accept an RMA application for DOA that is submitted later than five (5) days after the delivery date.  

4.3           Guarantee

The warranty period of each manufacturer's warranty guarantees applies. Warranty guarantees can be found on each manufacturer's website. The warranty period is calculated from the invoice date.  
The issuing of an RMA number does not mean that Aurdel has approved your product for any action.
If Aurdel receives a product to be actioned and which does not show the errors stated by the Customer, the Customer will be charged a troubleshooting fee of SEK 350 and return shipping.

Aurdel reserves the right to decide whether a returned product shall be repaired, replaced by an identical or equivalent product or credited if the product has been discontinued. 

Defective products shall be replaced after the defective product has been sent to Aurdel and the stated error description has been confirmed. Advance exchanges are only provided in the event of a DOA. Broken products are returned to Aurdel at the Customer's expense. Replaced/repaired goods are returned to the Customer at Aurdel's expense. 

Aurdel reserves the right to refer the Customer to an external service partner in or outside Sweden for the repair/replacement of defective goods. In both these cases, the Customer is responsible for the shipping cost. 

In the case of returns that have been repaired and then not picked up by the Customer, and which are thus returned to Aurdel, Aurdel reserves the right to charge a handling fee of SEK 250.  

4.4           Incorrect orders

Returns in the event of incorrect orders may be allowed if the value of the incorrectly ordered goods exceeds SEK 250 at a cost of 10% of the value (minimum fee is SEK 250). Products incorrectly ordered by the Customer for a value of SEK 250 or less may not be returned.   

Requests for returns in the event of incorrect orders must be submitted within five (5) working days from the time the delivery has been received by the Customer, and returns must be made within 30 days from the invoice date. Return shipping is the responsibility of the Customer.  

Products that are returned must be in the complete, undamaged original packaging, with all accessories. If this is not the case, the item will be returned and return shipping will be charged to the sender. 

Backorder items may not be returned due to incorrect ordering and cannot be cancelled once order is placed. 

4.5           Crediting of returned goods 

Credit for returned goods is provided according to the price invoiced by the Customer for the goods.  

The use of return numbers means that the above conditions regarding returns are accepted.

5.         Liability

5.1          Limitation of liability

Aurdel is only liable for direct damages that arise as a result of Aurdel's breach of these terms and conditions, gross negligence or other conduct. Aurdel shall not be liable to the Customer for loss of profits, reduced or discontinued business activites, missed business opportunities, loss of data, loss of "goodwill" or any other indirect or consequential damages. Aurdel's total liability under this Agreement shall be limited to the higher of either SEK 20,000, or the total amount the Customer has paid for products purchased during the last twelve-month period, calculated from the time when a claim for compensation was submitted.  
The above limitations shall not apply in the event of any loss caused by Aurdel's gross negligence or wilful breach of contract.
Any claim for damages must be made against Aurdel as soon as possible, but no later than six (6) months from the time the basis for the claim arose. If the claim is made later, Aurdel is free from any liability for compensation. 

5.2           Information for the customer

Customers who have stated that they are a warehouse approved by the Swedish Tax Agency to professionally handle taxable electronic goods in untaxed condition must reimburse Aurdel for the costs that arise as a result of the Customer not actually being such an approved warehouse. 

5.3           Force Majeure  

A Party is exempted from a penalty for failure to fulfil a certain obligation under these Terms and Conditions, if the failure is based on a circumstance of the kind specified below ("Alleviating Circumstances") and the circumstance prevents, significantly impedes or delays fulfilment thereof. Alleviating Circumstances shall be considered, inter alia, government action or omission, new or amended legislation, conflicts in the labour market, non-delivery by subcontractors, costly circumstances, blockade, fire, flood or major accident. 

If a Party wishes to invoke an Alleviating Circumstance, the Party shall immediately notify the other Party when there is a risk that an obligation under these Terms may not be fulfilled or will be delayed. Failure to provide such notice in time entails an obligation to compensate for the damages that could have been avoided if timely notice had been provided. 

When a Party stipulates its obligations under item 5.3, the time for fulfilment shall be extended by the time that the circumstance gives rise to. Each Party has the right to terminate their obligations under these Terms and Conditions with three (3) months' notice if the fulfilment of the Terms and Conditions is delayed for more than three (3) months. 

5.4           Applicable law and disputes

Swedish law shall apply to these Terms and Conditions. 

Disputes concerning the application of these Terms and Conditions or related issues shall primarily be resolved through negotiation and agreement between Aurdel and the Customer. Any disputes that arise in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be finally decided by a Swedish general court, with the Stockholm District Court as the first instance.