DELTACO A Nordic Brand

DELTACO - A Nordic Brand

One thing is certain – technological advancement is inevitable and DELTACO is always on the look for new and exceptional developments. This way, we are constantly able to quickly adapt to innovation and offer you the latest IT accessories out there. What separates us from other innovating brands, are our constantly friendly price tags and generous warranties.


We want the products you purchase to meet your expectations and deliver on its promises.
However, if there are any problems, you can get help from us by following the instructions below.


If you are looking for product information, first find the item number. It's usually found on the packaging. With the product number, you can view user manuals, product descriptions, and technical information on

Technical support:  

If you, as a consumer, have warranty issues or something to complain about, please contact the place of purchase in the first place. Attach/bring the receipt, which you can use to prove the purchase transaction and the validity of the warranty conditions.